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Course: COL
Name: Russell McNally

This has been a very valuable and informative course full of interesting topics and extremely well presented . The people presenting and advising were excellent and the group I got to know were a great bunch all striving for the same results, not just personal results but more so professional results. It is a lot of hard work but I can see the value in all I have completed. Time management is a key to getting through personal life , work and the course. I believe the most interesting part was the change and innovation module and continuous improvement module. There were probably the two that I could relate to most but the majority of the course content was directly related to the work that I do. I truly believe that this will lead to bigger and better things for myself and our company in the future and look forward to the challenges ahead.

Course: COL
Name: Robert McLaren

Really enjoyed a lot of the class discussions ( when you could get a word in ) on various topics as generally everyone had very good input. Have already rolled out some of our project BOM review results which we can measure in our loading capacity and costings. My leadership team has really matured over the last few of months and we have become a focused and much closer knit group.

Course: COL
Name: Patrick Moynihan

Was a pretty good course would suit younger managers better

Course: HPM
Name: Frank Cosentino

The most enjoyable aspects of the course were the workshops particularly when the group discussed “The best Idea” of that module as it gave you other peoples perspective on the same subject. I also particularly liked hearing the groups personal and business focus goals. Measurable results: A much greater portion of my time is now spent on HPA, this is also the case for my team. Low payoff activities are now delegated when possible or shelved as a non priority. The course focussed on the importance of planning and ensuring you spent more time planning than implementing, l think this has been my greatest improvement. Given the very high workload during the running of the course, completing it was a major achievement. My change project is almost complete also which is another achievement. My greatest learning from the course was the value cycle and its focus on activities that provide value to your customer, and if they don’t you shouldn’t be doing them.

Course: TSE
Name: Allan Braines

HPA focus greatly improved. Work efficiency improved. Feel more professional & confident. Better equipped to build relationships. Better focus on Great Questions.

Course: TSE
Name: Aniela Chrzanowski

I enjoyed all aspects of the course. My fellow class mates were easy to talk to and gave a great insight to their experiences as most of them have been in a sales role for a long time. I found that by starting this course I was able to progress in my career quicker than I expected by being promoted from an internal sales role to an external sales role and I was only about half way through the course. I have also had wins with customers who were not buying off us on a regular basis and I found that learning the basics and working on them can achieve great results with customers. I found that I am now questioning what we do as a company more and also look at other avenues to succeed in completing the sales process.