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Course: HPM
Name: Sean Wray

I have attended quite a few courses and also experienced a few different facilitators during this course. Clint Vawser was a standout for me and engaged and explained information really well.

Course: HPM
Name: Gary Blakemore

I enjoyed the interaction with other course attendees and listening to their opinion and work history on different areas of management as we discussed them. I have changed the way I deal with my staff, I now give them my full attention when they require it, and have stopped multi-tasking when approached by my staff. I now expect results from my staff not perfection, in the past I expected perfection and this limited my confidence in delegating tasks to my staff. A goal that I focused on was to introduce a number of performance measures for my departments as I now realise how import they are not only to the business but to the development my employees also, this goal has now been achieve and implemented. Seeing my staff grow as the result of my increased delegation has been very rewarding.

Course: LMR
Name: Desmond Moody

The in-house workshops and discussing ideas with all members of the group. Really good group of people. I have noticed that our staff are asking questions regarding the course. Completing a skills matrix and training and development plan for each team member. I now have better time management through delegation which has helped me focus on me HPA’s

Course: LMR
Name: Andrew Gillian

I have managed to achieve many of my goals. The personal one being boxing is great, I enjoy the activity outside of work. The work related goals have also been helpful. These are tasks I have identified that will assist in completing my work. A couple of goals were not achieved, this is due to one of my goals running a little late which leads into this. Once I get the CRM application approved, then we will start recording information. From there we will be able to implement the client / competitor analysis and in turn the 1/2 day session with my team.