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Course: LMR
Name: Janelle Akers

The weekly workshops were always fun and a great opportunity to network with others. The tools made available are fabulous and something that can be implemented and used long term.

Course: MHP
Name: Janelle Akers

I love the weekly focus goals and being accountable for them The workplace project was helpful in identifying each action step needed for my project

Course: TPE
Name: Kylie Wade

The fellow participants there stories and the way people see things different. Achievement of 4 WWAG Achievement of weekly focus goals Training time due to 2 of the WWAG being completed Difference in my self-confidence Difference in the way I approach work and people Efficient delegation

Course: TPE
Name: Caroline Scotford

I have had very positive feedback from my manager and owner of the business, they are both happy with how I am using some of the skills from the course at the workplace. I have gained confidence in my role and hence am enjoying my job more. The goal setting overall has given me guidance in achieving my personal tasks as well as overall for my workplace. Team cohesion was one of my win-win goals and I feel as if this has been one of my major achievements as our team has almost completely progressed to the performing stage of the MAP guideline. And everyone is so much happier.

Course: TPE
Name: Megan Fraser

The clarification of different types of people as to how they listen and then interpret what they hear has been the most helpful in my opinion. Finally achieved a long term personal goal of getting my passport, this has been ongoing for 5 yrs. I still don’t have anywhere to go but now I can and that in itself is exciting. I can measure the fact that my fingers hurt from all this typing lol. So many goals both professionally and personally that I can really list. Although, one of my team members said to me the other day that without my help and training she believes she would not have so much knowledge in such a short period of time if it wasn’t for my training and belief in her. I believe this training would have taken place any way but the LMA course has allowed me to be more efficient and effective in my training because I have applied the modules of effective listening, have been made aware of the filters that others use and MAP. My most stand out of all modules.