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Course: TPE
Name: Sandy Colgan

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to learn from a diverse group of people (participants) throughout the course. Each participant offered differing perspectives during discussions/activities which enabled me to grow and develop professionally. It was refreshing to know that other managers, from varied businesses/organisations face similar challenges as I do (from a not-for-profit organisation) and all have grown/developed skills throughout the course. The weekly focus goals assisted in building my confidence in setting and planning win/win goals. The focus goals that I set were often things that I have been procrastinating about for a while and now that I have achieved them in a short period of time, I feel a real sense of achievement. The myriad of practical and user-friendly tools provided have been invaluable in assisting me to analyse and review my work practices, my attitudes and my behaviours. They are a visual and concrete method of analysing time management, interruptions, HPA’s, goal setting etc. etc. The tools really assisted my honest reflection of my work practices and assisted me to realise why some things need to change immediately to prevent me from burn-out and to support the decision to change immediately.

Course: TPE
Name: Lorraine Laforest

Gaining more time by planning, closing the door and introducing discussion planner