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Course: HPM
Name: Aaron George

I believe the course has given me the skills to better manage and communicate with you direct reports. As well as many different way to motivate them to a successful career.

Course: HPM
Name: Nick Siddle

Great group of involved professionals. Everyone participated and I learnt a hell of a lot from their experiences Enjoyed the interaction with all facilitators. seeing real results in the workplace with improved performance, more defined job roles, expanding the workforce. Better results through understanding what is driving the team

Course: TSE
Name: Steven Salamon

Attending the course with Deb and the other students was both enjoyable and educational, Its the first time I can say I looked forward to going to the course every fortnight. Both my business and personal goals have allowed me to grow further than I expected in the short period of time and I have managed to close a number of sales as a direct result of the skills learnt during the course.