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Course: HPM
Name: Gregory Stone

One of the biggest goals of doing this course was to improve my communication skills and improve my self confidence communicating and this course has definitely helped me achieve that and is something I cannot put a measurable result to – with time and practice I will continue to make improvements in this area. My other largest success has been with delegation of non-HPA tasks and team empowerment, many tasks I used to undertake which I had identified as non-HPA activities have been successfully delegated to team members who have been doing a much better job than I been recently due to lack of time. This was most evident during my recent two week holiday to the USA where not once was I contacted for a problem that the team back in the office could not handle or tasks they could not do without me present. A huge accomplishment for any small business owner. The final largest goal of my career so far has been the relocation of our warehouse to a brand new building this year. Something which would not have been possible without the delegation, time management, communication and planning skills learnt during this course. Unfortunately it has taken an impact on my time management of course assignments and I have personally struggled to stay on top of the assignment workload however that is something I take full responsibility for

Course: TSE
Name: Ian Stone

This course has turned me around. Coming from a manufacturing background within my company I thought I was a great sales person sitting at my desk replying to emails, answering phones and getting a few sales here and there. The course has shown me how little I knew and that sales is an art, not just a title in my email signature. I have in myself seen a marked improvement in my commitment to the customer and now strive to get a win for all involved. Goal setting and action steps have seen me achieve things that I would have struggled to with the process. Ross Moyle is a true inspiration and wealth of knowledge. His attitude suited my shortcomings perfectly and has made me a better person all round. Its amazing how a fellow that you see once a fortnight for 3 hours can have such an effect. But he did. A massive thanks to a great guy. I have seen my sales increase and my attitude turn around, not just work wise but personally as well. I could write for another hour about the quality of my experience with LMA. All I can do is recommend it highly and say THANK YOU !!!!