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Course: SSTLS
Name: Jennifer Dowling

Sharing experiences with other course members. I have gained confidence within myself. The importance of action steps to be able to achieve a goal. I have accomplish my Delegation goal, and have been able to free up time to concentrate on HPA’s – through delegation I have been able to cross train and the new tasks are empowering others within the team. I constantly use the imperative/important list. My day has structure and I am able to return to the tasks when interrupted. It is a constant reminder of what I need to accomplish.

Course: TPE
Name: Jamie Rae

-Some of the time management tools were very beneficial – specifically the use of important / imperative lists and discussion planners. -Weekly focus goals were great to keep the momentum going with the win-win goals,. Have been consistently using these

Course: TPE
Name: Steven Lewis

Interaction with others. Sharing stories and experiences What my time is worth and how disruptive interruptions can be. How important it is to have written goals and daily/weekly plans The importance of writing imperative/important tasks down. Identifying HPAs and scheduling time to work on these. Being more selfish with my time and closing my door when working on something important. Ignoring the phone when I am busy and don’t recognise the number.

Course: TSE
Name: Rajan Radhakrishnan

Setting a Win-Win goal and focus goals associated to that. When we fist started the win win goals appeared to be daunting. But with the approach of focus goals set for each week and month, I never felt the end task difficult at any stage. Eventually I have completed all my win win goals.