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Course: HPM
Name: Vicki Rebuli

The most enjoyable aspects are the open discussion we have at the sessions where we talk openly about our experiences we are facing in the workplace . Due to the LMA course I can definitely say I feel confident in my approach in resolving issues and have a calm managed approach of dealing with them. Managing my time better allows me to do the things that matter that are important to me and will benefit Hardy Milazzo.

Course: HPM
Name: Ricardo D’Andrea

I enjoyed the way John ran his sessions, fantastic learning experience and very knowledgeable facilitator. I really being such a diverse group of individuals and experiencing this valuable process with them. I was able to take on board something from all of them and has definitely gave me a more rounded understanding of how others outside of my profession work. The case study was a fantastic experience. The measurable result I can comment on were the successful completion of a number of win win goals, and my time management and delegation skills