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Course: LMR
Name: Cathy Watt

The course was the missing link for me as a Manager. It taught me the important aspects to help me manage my team in a more positive manner and thus the team became more productive. It helped me to easily identify gaps between productivity and performance. When you look back most of it is common sense but sometimes it just needs to be pointed out to you. As a result I and my team became more productive by putting simple processes into place e.g. Time Management, allocating times of the day to not take phone calls or interruptions from staff and drivers. Understand to have a good balance between work, home etc. The difference between listening and hearing and listening and not hearing – it can be very frustrating. Monitoring staff performance and not forgetting to acknowledge work well done. Including them on decision making (making them feel like a team). There is a lot more to be implemented from the course as we were going through a large system change for all departments in our business and to implement each week the processes was sometimes difficult, but now that I have learnt the skills this is an ongoing process and there is always room for improvement.