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Course: COL
Name: John Stevens

Main point was the highlighting of positive feedback and attitude. As negative attitudes are part of the current environment, knowing that benefits result from remaining above the line have enabled some great gains in all aspects of communication and attitude of operators and assisted in gains in productivity and more time for myself to concentrate on HPA’s

Course: SSTLS
Name: Russell Lyne


Course: SSTLS
Name: James Morrison

Enjoyed the course, it’s helped me to realise the value of goal setting, and has improved my communication abilities is the workplace. I’ve improved my fitness too!

Course: SSTLS
Name: Jason Millward

The ease of settings goals and what makes a good leader broken down to into easy understandable points. This helped me complete my win-win goals

Course: TPE
Name: Justin Bailey

More than anything the course provided a psychological shift for myself – I’m now actively setting goals in my personal life and are more eager to progress with my professional goals.