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Course: TPE
Name: Leanne Lyons

I loved the energy of the classes. Every time I returned to work, I was full of energy and optimism and made the most of my day whenever I could. The course helped me to understand my capabilities, which encouraged me to want more out of life and get more from my job. I was able to discover what was expected of me, from my company and manager, and what I should be focusing on, when planning my day. I learned to identify my HPAs, so that I stopped completing tasks that I was not meant to be doing, to became more productive. I learned how to schedule in all my activities and tasks everyday, setting time limits where applicable, so that when I had free time, I could concentrate on increasing my product and technical knowledge. Overall the course has helped me to become more motivated to achieve the goals I set or desire. It has eliminated my procrastination and increased my confidence in my abilities. I will continue to use the worksheets at home and in the office, which were very effective during the course and I will also share my experiences to those interested, or to those who seem to be in the same mind space I was in. Overall, I am extremely grateful and content that I got to take part in this course.

Course: TSE
Name: Tim Yakup

There are so many, but to highlight a few:- – The sales process, using discovery questions and obtaining green lights along the way. This has improved my selling technique and I am getting to further bases on my first meeting then before, a lot more regularly. – I enjoyed the workshop activities. I.e. Active listening exercises & brain teasers. (paper clip, how many squares, how many f’s & the curtain rings) etc. This is good for getting everyone’s attention up first thing in the morning. – Negotiating. I have a lot more confidence and can knock back customers below particular pricing margins. (withdraw from sales).