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Course: TPE
Name: Kirstee Kato

My overall achievement was the confirmation that I was already a pretty good leader having identified with a lot of the practices mentioned in the course. More so, I’m using the ones I hadn’t identified with, mainly being the communication module and I also got a lot out of the empathy/trust module. Now I think that I’m a great leader, hope by the end of the year I would be classed as excellent by my team. Biggest goal achieved would be better educating my team, it is benefiting them, myself and the company.

Course: TPE
Name: Nicole Giudes

Fellow participants in the course were great to work with, with their diverse personalities and work backgrounds

Course: TSE
Name: Christopher Hendey

I thoroughly enjoyed being able to sit in a room with other people that face similar problems and have similar wins to myself. I feel I learnt just as much if not more from the others in the course than the material itself in general. I believe I can complete my daily tasks in a much more timely fashion now and have definitely made probably almost an hour a day of new time due to better organisation and time management.

Course: TSE
Name: Shane Streltschenko

Learning things about myself and my habits that I had not previously known

Course: TSE
Name: Matthew Sheehan

the course has been a very good eye opener for me. I had lost a bit of confidence and had become a bit comfortable in a role that I had held for 7 years. It has got me thinking more about what I want to achieve not just in sales but also in life and it has given me some excellent tools in helping me achieve these new goals. We have introduced some new reporting systems and it has shown up some time deficiencies that my company is trying to rectify so that all reps can get the job done to the best of there ability

Course: TSE
Name: Brett Clarke

Improved time management by 10-15%. Increased market share by 12%.