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Course: COL
Name: Aaron Schmidt

I really enjoyed the personal Win Win agreement goals and the work shops I was able to complete two personal goals painting my duplex and striping my engine down In full ready for rebuilding, I was able to measure the results with photos of each of the steps during these projects. The above has made me realise that I can achieve a lot more than I thought when using action steps with set target dates and sticking with the schedule, this has helped me build my confidence and improved my motivation. I was also able to complete warehouse manuals for each department during the course this was my work project, I felt this also help build work relationships in the company and get all on board working toward something positive this also helped to build moral and improve our work place processes and systems.

Course: TPE
Name: Jackie Kenway

The people I have met at the course. Self confidence. Writing goals make them real. Striving for results not perfection If you fail to plan then you plan to fail Discovering HPA’s Time Management Communication with my team with a more empathetic and professional manner Delegation and empowerment Do not submit to other peoples priorities