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Course: TSE
Name: Paul Lacchiana

The first half the course I was not sure what to expect. I only had a very basic knowledge of sales and was hesitant to open myself up to a new way of thinking especially when I am more customer service focused. I did feel a little lost and overwhelmed at the start however as the weeks went on I felt more and more sure about my sales ability and just how much sales I was doing in my day to day work without even realising it.. I am enjoying the second half of the course as this is something I can relate to. Things from the start of the course till now are starting to all make sense and ideas and processes are coming into play and its every interesting to watch the company grow and change each week as the course goes on.

Course: TSE
Name: Hendrik Karsten

My back ground is in hospitality operations and although I have made a few sales in my time this was not an organized effort. The LMA course gave me a more structured approach to sales and a better understanding of how to manage a sales team. The flow on effect is that we invested in better Sales reporting systems and are in the progress to have KPI’s for all our full time staff.