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Course: COLCM
Name: Stephen McGowan

On the whole I enjoyed the course and completion of it

Course: COLCM
Name: Franco Adler

the most enjoyable aspect of the course was, the completion, knowing what we had done what we had learnt but then actually passing and having done it.. we accomplished as a team pretty efficient total weekly targets in production ,at times hitting 120% +. we achieved being a lot more open as a group ,which we could really tell at morning meetings, that sort of input is really invaluable.

Course: COLCM
Name: Robert Bray

I really enjoyed the focus goals as I am a procrastinator and this kept me on course, not just at work but in my personal life as well… I am also very happy to have achieved my goals and have 2 of my team trained and assessed to the next level

Course: COLCM
Name: Peter Lange

The most enjoyable thing for me was the team discussions on the case studies and the banter between the group. I was able to implement a training programme for some of my team members

Course: COLCM
Name: Joe Kowal

Confirmed values of dealing with people. Highlighted my need to use delegation process.

Course: COLCM
Name: John Wallace

It was a bit overwhelming to begin with, but fully enjoyed the learning environment. Have made several changes with my team to make them more efficient. My team have gone from the bottom of the ladder to near top with a remarkable change in productivity. This course has shown me tools to help be a team leader. Its also helped me recognise structured ways to improve my leadership.

Course: COLCM
Name: Michael Tottman

I found it hard at the start probably due to my age but the coach made it more understandable and enjoyable I finished the course which to me was an achievement I better understand my role and what I need to do to reach the goals set by the company it has helped to show me why I should organize my days to become more efficient I am a bit more confident in facing problems that the team throws at me

Course: COLCM
Name: Trevor Bryant

learning tools that help me in planning and communication in the work place. Understanding the different personalities of other people and how to handle them. Have put in place a cleaning procedure for the LPM area that can be measured and monitored. This is a big issue in the LPM area and to our customers, we are measuring both Dardanup site and external customers and will continue until we have reduced the amount of claims and restored confidence in the market.

Course: COLCM
Name: Lyall Dilkes

The improvement of communication across the site has been the greatest achievement of the course. Individuals now “Get it” and generally speak with positive attitudes and have greater enthusiasm for change.