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Course: SSTLS
Name: Colin Ross

I felt motivated from the work shops being able to develop ideas how to improve different ways to communicate, delegate and motivate different employees. Learning with others from different businesses was also educational with their different experiences. During the course I have developed a Performance Improvement Program (PIP) for Managers and employees, made better use of a diary improving organisation of myself and improving my use of time and this will continue to improve as I continue to improve.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Brad Valentine

I was able to achieve many things throughout the course, notably now I believe I am much more organised than previously, before completing the course. Also I found the importance of using many different strategies to ensure the business moves forward, these included communication, time utilisation, developing others as well as many more. There are some excellent modules within the course that will assist with the key areas of any business. Learning and understanding these will certainly improve all those who complete the course.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Anne-Maree Hain

Going into the course I didn’t know what to expect and thought that my management skills were at a respectable level. On completion of the course I am now aware that there are ways to be smarter, more effective as a manager in today’s workplace.

Course: SSTLS
Name: David O’Keefe

I was able to apply all aspects of this course to my work life as well as my Home Life

Course: SSTLS
Name: Tristan Muldoon

I actually really enjoyed the in class scenarios run by marg. they involved the group and helped us to get to know one another. we were told in the first session that after a few sessions we would not shut up and it ended being true but every element was to do with the course itself which was even more enjoyable. I was someone who did not enjoy high school and I looked at this course as a way of testing whether I would be able to study again. I actually thoroughly enjoyed it more then I thought I would

Course: SSTLS
Name: Andrew Franklin

It has been an absolute pleasure attending Marg’s classes. She is such a warm and sincere person who delivers the course content with both passion and clarity. At the beginning I was unsure as to how much I would actually learn. Now I manage my time more effectively, delegate with more purpose and I feel that I have become more task orientated. Some of my goals I have completed, others are still a work in progress, and I have also taken on some new goals that I am looing forward to completing. I have always considered that I have sound communication skills, but I feel that these skills have also improved. Thankyou to Marg and the team at LMA!

Course: SSTLS
Name: Ryan Sheppard

It is amazing how making little changes to the way you conduct your day to day business can have such positive and big changes. it can help not only yourself grow but also your staff and you start to see the benefits to your work and to there’s. I have set and achieved goals both personally and business and the course ads helped me realise that if you want something all you need to do is place the action steps in place and before you know it you will reach your goal.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Robert Giampaolo

Overall the experience was very good and I have definitely seen changes in my attitude, time management and overall skills. I enjoyed the discussions with the group and putting new ideas into action. My results with events have been great, generating new income for the club and wage expenses have also been lower compared to previous year. I achieved most goals that I had and have achieved a very good working relationship with my team based on trust and equal commitment.