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Course: HPM
Name: Aidan Desmond

My ability to manage and lead has increased, as I plan better, and include team members in the decision making process.

Course: TPE
Name: James Phipps

I came to this course having been in my current role for three years. I was very comfortable in my role but was looking to move into a more challenging role. The name of the course itself sums up exactly what I got out of it. I learnt, and was able to implement ideas and tools that enabled me to have the performance edge. I went from being comfortable in my role to exceling in my role. I worked hard on my time management and communication throughout the course, using my focus goals and my win win agreement goals to enable me to push myself in every aspect of my work life. I now have a very clear understanding of what I can achieve and also what it takes to achieve it. My life has changed not just in my work life but also my personal life. LMA’s idea of combing work and personal goals has meant that I’ve done things this year that I have been putting off, as well as doing things that it may have otherwise taken years to do.