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Course: COL
Name: Daryl Melhuish

The and to end approach to leadership was of great value. The course identified the meaning and purpose of leadership, some effective tools and provided the opportunity through reinforcement to apply and therefore better understand the leadership concept. Particularly: Common B SMART goals daily action steps with positive reinforcement of achievements consider time, cost, quality, safety provide feedback motivation establish trust with other nurture individuals

Course: HPM
Name: Mark Elbrow

The course provides for robust and open discussion and this is the true value of the course. Hearing the data from other people in different industries and their plans to tackle their issues provides food for thought.

Course: HPM
Name: Clayton Langley

Most enjoyable aspects: – Class discussions about different topics. Very interesting to get different perspectives and views. – Seeing the progression of myself and (LMA) team members as we developed during the course. – Achievement of a change project that will provide real value to the company through more efficient and accurate employee performance assessments. – Willingness of the company (and manager mentor) to take on new ideas stemming from the course and apply them for business improvements. Measurable results achievements: – Improved personal performance through re-focusing on my HPA’s, better communication and increased commitment to employee development (previously I was very technically outcome / deadline focussed). – change project produced and ongoing saving to the business of $39k annually (I will expand in the presentation), though potentially for much greater savings through more effective performance management

Course: HPM
Name: Gavin Douglas

Most enjoyable aspects of the course was the engagement with the facilitator and other students. Dialogue during fortnightly sessions made it easier to understand the course material and provide a wider perspective on the issues and challenges other leaders face. The diverse range of industries and skill levels present provide a great cross section for training. I also found having the training material as both audio and notes was a good way to learn and broke up the learning experience. My main measurable results have been in how I engage my team and the improvements in their level of performance and maturity. Communications with my team, ability to delegate and focus on my teams skill development have all improved over the duration of the course. As a result I now have a better understanding of what my team are doing and they have a better understanding of what my goals and objectives are for the team. My team are more engaged and looking to take on more challenging tasks. In addition my team and I have made good progress on process improvement within the department and are continuing to look for ways to be more efficient in our operations. Major goals that I have accomplished include improving my relationship with senior leadership and developing a major plan/goal for my personal life. Prior to starting on the course I had difficulty clearly communicating my requirements and objectives to some senior managers. Working through this as a win/win goal I have invested more planning into my interactions with senior management and been slowly able to build up a better working relationship. My other major accomplishment from my win/win goals was establishing a long term life goal which I will continue to progress towards outside of the course. Overall my biggest success from the course has been the level of empowerment and engagement I have achieved within my team.

Course: HPM
Name: Mandy Allotey

My goal for attending the course was to refresh my leadership skills and knowledge, the course delivered on this plus more, in October I was successful in obtaining a promotion into a key leadership role , I feel that the learnings I took away from the course contributed to me being the successful candidate for this role.

Course: HPM
Name: Victoria Smith

I absolutely got the most out of the workshops and interaction with Deb Hann – she was FANTASTIC. As well as interaction with the others members on the course with me – it felt a very supportive and safe environment.

Course: HPM
Name: Linh Nguyen

The most enjoyable aspects about the course were the interaction among the participants, the sharing of issues at work and the growth of individuals over the duration of the course. My change project will save 5 hours per month for each Project Manager (PM) in providing their project statuses which will result in at least $6,000 a year. Currently, my department has 3 PMs with a 4th one coming back later this year. Conservatively, that’s a saving of $24,000 per annum. Goals that I accomplished include: • Learning best practices of high performance management • Creating a high performance environment • Better communication techniques • Empowering others by sharing authority and power Other achievements include: • Outside the box thinking and acting • Increased performance for self and teams • Provided more visibility to stakeholders • Satisfaction of achieving goals