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Course: COL
Name: Daniel Collins

I have gained better time management skills, learned much better ways to get the team involved on board with change and projects. The staff now possess higher skills and make less mistakes I’ve instilled more confidence into them to perform the jobs. I have much higher trust now in my staffs skill levels to perform all jobs delegated to them and they take more ownership in there work. I’ve developed a higher focus to look for ways to improve the business. Outside of the workplace: I achieved my goal to lose weight before my wedding although since the honeymoon put some of that back on. I’ve taken on projects that didn’t easily seem achievable until I broke it down it down into smaller goals to achieve one at a time I cleaned and organised both of my garages in a day I now set goals small achievable goals for many of the tasks I plan to do.

Course: COL
Name: Jason Clancy

Peter is a great facilitator and has made the course very interesting through his attitude and enthusiasm about improvement and change. I thought all the tools within the modules were very helpful and relate to me role very well. It was a great opportunity to meet others within the Industry on a regular basis. It revealed that we all share the same issues, challenges and opportunities.