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Course: COL
Name: Amanda Paydon

My workplace project was very successful, by using the template to plan, implement and review the progress. The workplace project gave me structure and ensured that I followed action steps to achieve the outcome. This was a great tool that I will be able to use again for any significant projects in the future. In the past projects were started and never had action steps so they were never completed within the required time or in a structured way. LMA has assisted in the success of this project and also for future projects. The course has also assisted me with becoming a successful leader and mentor to my team. It has given me so many tools (feedback logs, how to motivate my team through innovation, time management, delegation, problem solving, training and development plan and continues improvement). These are skills that are eventually learnt, however LMA has given me the information and resources to do this. I also now set goals, short (focus) and long term. This was never something I had done before and LMA has given me the templates to set smart goals and achieve them.

Course: TPE
Name: Shaun McNally

Facilitator (Michael) was fantastic. Really got everyone involved. My delegation of tasks has improved and has given me extra hours in the day to complete other tasks.

Course: TPE
Name: Nick Trask

It was great to refresh some of things that I have used in the past, it really cleared my mind as to what it is I want to achieve in professional career, gave me some good ideas & pathways as to what I need to do to achieve these. I think that the course lead well into the next modules & gave me sufficient time to complete the assignments. The main goal that I have achieved was really working on deficiencies to identify them by having them in a visual format & breaking down the steps I need to improve on these. Also breaking down in time slots as to where my day is spent was a great tool, something that I will continue to use in the future.

Course: TSE
Name: Michael Winter

I have taken away significant key learning’s – Time Management – Planning/Preparation Skills – Goal Setting – Sales Planning – Evaluating and Monitoring progress/success I have been able to put these into practice both professionally and personally. Several of my goals around new business and planning were achieved during the course and I now have set long term goals for the remainder of the year, I also enjoyed setting personal goals for myself also which I have rarely put onto paper in the past to be able to measure.

Course: TSE
Name: Yann DeDenus

The most enjoyable aspect of the course were the fortnightly classes and interactions and insights with the course facilitator and the other people form different companies and industries who were completing the course. I have achieved a very high capacity to effectively manage my time and maintain focus on doing the things which have yielded increases in sales & revenue. I am now reaching out and have access to larger sales opportunities than I was previously by having adopted a more professional and effective process towards the entire sales process. Due to the skills I’ve learnt I am now entrusted to spending more time on larger scale projects to enter into new markets

Course: TSE
Name: Kylie Kuchel

the interaction with the class is fantastic. Everyone shares there working environments and if they are having issues everyone pitches in and gives advice if it is wanted. I would like to say a huge thankyou to Deb for her wonderful teaching style. she is bubbly, supportive, funny and most of all professional. thankyou Deb

Course: TSE
Name: Jon Vlatko

with the sales plan based around our new product – Display Pallets, this has held me in a great position in loscam to bring enthusiasm with promoting and analysing the potential of this new equipment. I am now leading the charge for sales in DPs and I have used my learning from LMA to create focus goals and keep me on track!

Course: TSE
Name: Danielle Meyer

Being on the LMA course has made more positive towards my job role. Using the LMA tools has given me direction due to goal setting and planning. I have consistently planned focus goals for every new month and using my imperative vs important to plan my days better to utilize my time more efficiently. Dealing with my prospects and customers have been more involved and focusing on identifying my customers value. I deal with complaints a lot better now that I know how to deal with them. My negotiating skills have improved too. In total this course took me out of the bad space I was in after my separation and has given me inspiration to work hard and know that I am working for myself. What is life without goals? Goals setting make me have a reason to achieve. Achieving a goal makes me want to set more, the more I set goals the more I’m going to achieve the greater I feel.

Course: TSE
Name: Clare Borrett

the best aspects of the course were how involved everyone was. I felt I learnt so much by participating in discussions and doing roll plays etc. The learning environment was very open and friendly and encouraging of speaking up and voicing your ideas. I achieved the majority of goals I set out to and have taken a lot away from setting focus goals.

Course: TSE
Name: Kingsley Williams

A lot of the information delivered, I have learnt in previous courses. I have completed a degree in Business Marketing and very similar learnings. But, this course regenerated my drive and gave me some practical skills that I wasn’t really using before, e.g. monitoring my time more, my value to the business and enjoying my job more. I now spend my time on HPA’s and delegate work where applicable. I had goals around planning and increasing pipeline and consistently working on these goals give me the drive for sales where the momentum builds and results flow through.

Course: TSE
Name: Damien Plumpton

I was extremely impressed with this course and could not believe how much it could offer me even though I have been in & around sales roles for the last 15 years. I was also pleasantly surprised with the additional tools and theory that I could now use that wasn’t necessarily sales related e.g. goal setting, time management, delegation, communication skills etc. Many results, productivity & efficiency within my job role have significantly improved as a result of implementing the knowledge & ideas learned from this course so thank you LMA.