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Course: COL
Name: Nick Frangos

Improved confidence in public speaking/interaction…. -The realisation that I can set a goal & put steps into place / action the steps to achieve my goal…being small, large, workplace goal or personal.

Course: COL
Name: Dean Hills

We had a great group of people for the course although they occasionally needed some reeling in. Overall there are now changes in place that make my work and home life a better place to be.

Course: HPM
Name: Walter Bracciale

I’m organised a lot better at work by planning ahead more. I’m making a habit of setting goals both personal & Business. I’ve learned & am working more on my HPA’s. Enjoyed the role playing & communication modules the most.

Course: HPM
Name: Paul Brick

The course structure was well setup and seemed to be aligned exactly to challenges I was facing. These helped me to work through the issues in a very timely manner. I gained a lot of tools to help me with situations that were slowing me down or causing disruption

Course: HPM
Name: Chris Sullivan

I enjoyed discussions and activities with the other members of the course during the workshops, and felt the workshops were very well run and the course work and learning environment worked well for me as a participant. I felt probably one of the most important aspects that I took out of the course was the importance of delegation, and how delegation can empower others and lead to an improved workplace.