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Course: COL
Name: Simon Ross

I found I am much more organised. Have clear patterns to my day and feel like I get more work completed. I ask better questions of people and identify more quickly areas which need better defined procedures or extra assistance to make the job run smoothly.

Course: HPM
Name: Simon Ross

During this course my organization went through an acquisition of another company. Bringing the 2 companies together was a huge challenge. The insights the course showed how hard it is merge 2 companies and still achieve high performance. my role changed on a number of occasions which I communicated with Adrian. He was very understanding and always gave me good advise how to progress through the change and to do so in a positive manner. I think it is pertinent to mention this, as I did find it difficult to motivate myself through each module. Especially when each module brought up many deficiencies about an organisation I have respected and owe all my knowledge and current learning too. I hope I can be a leader of change and implement, if only half the learnings, to create and stronger and successful organisation in the future.