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Course: COL
Name: Belinda Battaglia

I enjoyed working within my group as there was a vast array of different industries and companies and interacting with them would help foster new ideas I could bring back to the MSC. Furthermore – the huddling groups to discuss best Ideas from Modules was a great way to get to work with them closer and get to understand their work place systems/processes more. My biggest success was going through the Workplace Project. Being able to work off a blueprint on how to apply a process to a “Issue/Idea” was hugely beneficial. I also enjoyed the feedback logs – An easy to use form that is used regularly to apply feedback to staff that is also used in 1 on 1’s as well form part of the Appraisal Process. Getting into the habit of setting goals bother personally & business was a good system as it became a habit. Many a good things were achieved as a result.

Course: HPM
Name: Bradley Capon

The most enjoyable aspects from the course are the implementation of learnings into real world activities. As the course progressed I really used the material as much as possible and it was fantastic to see the results!

Course: SSTLS
Name: Naz Ramunno

Enjoyed the course immensely, this is going to be breakthrough course to my success, yeah .. I wish I did this earlier, my success as a team leader at MSC is yet to known, but I can proudly add this course as part of my achievements to my resume in future job applications. . I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop discussions, and interaction with the other course participates in their respective industry, for ideas and feedback. Simon is a great LMA facilitator, clear and concise with his explanation, I only wish he was my current Manager for further coaching in my future success. Marg was full value all the way, especially at the introduction stage, having not studied in the last 25 years, it was nerve wrecking for me, during the course I didn’t feel left behind because of the reassurance LMA is always there for you and contactable at all times for feedback in relation my assignment queries.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Farah Mehrudden

Growing in confidence and developing personally

Course: SSTLS
Name: Elaine Rodrigues

Being new to the role this course was perfect in everyway. The Course taught me how to :- 1. manage my team. 2. Learn About my HPA’s. 3. Utilize time well. 4. distinguish between Important and imperative tasks. 5. set team building activities.