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Course: LMR
Name: Glen Williams

Meeting other participants and finding out that their problems were like mine. Organisational skills leads to more time to MBWA. Measurable achievements have been that I am definitely more organised. This comes from me being able, and not scared to delegate. My team has appreciated this as well. I have been able to cut my work time down by an hour a day, hence spending more time at home. Focusing more on HPA’s. Actually identifying hpa’s to start with was important. Then spending quality time each day made for a smoother transition to other important tasks.

Course: LMR
Name: Brett Saunders

My 3 work win win goals where accomplished within the course. The first one has been very successful in helping the workshops productivity.

Course: MHP
Name: Brett Saunders

I am now more confident as a team leader, My personal productivity has improved by 15% from 82% to 97%. My win win goals where accomplished

Course: TSE
Name: Carl Bennett

The best thing I got out of the course & most measurable results were Time Management Skills, I now have extra time and am not feeling rushed. Handling Paperwork, A big improvement Delegation: Much more confident with delegating tasks Goal Setting: Coming from never setting goals to now using them all the time and being able to see the results.