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Course: LMR
Name: Ebony Zander

Most enjoyed aspect is the weekly workshops. It is great to have the time to go through the weeks module with Tania & to discuss ideas with the other participants. I have seen an increase in my personal productivity. I am organised and manage my time well. I am able to pick my priority tasks and set myself daily/weekly goals of tasks/jobs to complete. I have completed my personal win-win goal which was to save $3000, which part of is going towards bond for my new house. I have also accomplished numerous focus goals both personal and business and anticipate completing the 4 business win-win goals before graduation.

Course: LMR
Name: Jennifer Holman

I feel so much better about time management now and I have set time-budgets for pretty much everything I do. A great concept from the course was to not allow others to manage my time. This has allowed me to be much, much more focused on the task at hand and to work with less interruptions. I find that thinking about time in this way also has meant that I’m getting much better at estimating timeframes for tasks, which means that I’m not expecting myself to be Superwoman anymore, and not getting disappointed with myself for not completing twenty bazillion things in a day.

Course: MHP
Name: Katie Pledger

Would highly recommend this course as it provides you with so many useful skills and tools to be able to continue after the program has finished.

Course: TPE
Name: Steve Oakley

Very interesting to hear work challenges from other business areas. Great networking opportunity.. I think I got a referral at graduation!

Course: TSE
Name: Melanie Jenkins

As a result of the course I now have a structured approach to my sales process. I feel more organised and capable of handling stall and objections. Rather than thinking of a stall or objection as an attack, I now realise that they are really just requests for further information.