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Course: COL
Name: Glyn Peatey

I became fully aware of how I should be presenting myself to my fellow team members to encourage a team approach to continuous improvement. Also, successful completion of my Workplace Project – Improvements to the Safe Work Permit document handling processes at Maryborough Sugar Factory. This was something I was meaning to do over the past few years, but never really motivated myself to get it started.

Course: COL
Name: Michael Porta

I have gained a better working relationship with staff I am supervising even though it can still be a bit challenging at times. The course has helped me get through the challenges more successfully and to actually reduce the number of challenging times in the job. I am prepared to take more risks and trust others with responsibility. I have learnt that I don’t have to do everything and it doesn’t always have to be perfect. I try not to overspend time on things for their level of importance. The most enjoyable aspect of the course was getting to know a range of other people from other industries, really getting to like them and gaining a genuine interest in who they are and what they do. I was so surprised by this because I started the course thinking that was going to be the most difficult part – having to interact with other people and careers which I had no idea about. I was so involved with my own sphere of work and life I didn’t think I would find anything else interesting but this course confirmed something I know about myself but sometimes forget – I really like people and getting to know them. I learn so much.

Course: COL
Name: Alan Cross

Patricia is very good at presenting and running the workshops. Having a different range of skills and knowledge within the group made it enjoyable to be part of. Throughout the course as we progressed, it was good to confirm that some of things I am doing is on the right track. Completing the course was a big goal for me as I do not have a higher level of education.

Course: ETD
Name: Joseph Sendra

Goals was to complete the course and feel good about doing it. Most enjoyable part of the course was the card analysis process of an individual’s personality/make-up