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Course: COL
Name: Charmaine Archer

I have learnt a lot that benefits the Company. But this course has opened me up as a person I now feel confident that I can achieve the best performance for the company and excel in my job role. The sky is the limit. Before this course I was the type of person that thought I can do my job but I’m just another employee. I didn’t get this feeling from my job it is something I have had all my life. I have started to realise that I am better then that and I love challenging myself and pushing myself to the limits. I love seeing the great work that we are doing as a team and walking towards the goal line together. THANK YOU LMA

Course: COL
Name: Matthew Boland

The Art of Delegation I accomplished through the motivation of win-win goals to successfully put forward my Business Proposal of Replacing Harvesters rather than Rebuilding. A HUGE win for me and my team

Course: COL
Name: Lin Jamieson

I have really enjoy doing the course ,it was a bit of a challenge because I moved site during the course but Stuart set me up with another group which was great got to meet some great people and to see how other workshop run. I have learnt about making goals and having something to aim for.it has also helped me to be a better leader and be more confident in my self and what I am doing which benefits all those around me

Course: COL
Name: Gina Dean

This course has given me back valuable time, an ability to focus on high pay off activities. It has also taken away the stress of a busy workplace as I am able to focus and prioritise my work and not become overwhelmed.

Course: COL
Name: Cherry Archer

We were very fortunate that we had a small group and this has lead to everyone being very supportive of one another and this has flowed on into our work environments which is something that money just can not buy. The company has gained a wonderful asset. I have become better organised and enjoy spending a higher percentage of my time in HPA’s. I have become more respectful of my team members and have also learnt to challenge them by delegation and trust.

Course: COL
Name: Mark Goos

The course was more involved than first thought, not being able to meet with mentor on a regular basis made things a little difficult in some areas. The course has been very rewarding for me giving me some very useful tools to work with. The biggest achievement was bringing my team together and making it a pleasure to turn up to work each day knowing that the team are enjoying what they are doing and are focused on achieving our goals.

Course: HPM
Name: Sally-Ann Blanc

I really enjoyed working with Stuart and the gentlemen from GNS Engineering, the openness and willingness of everyone to participate in discussions meant a lot of good ideas were exchanged and there were many opportunities to learn from both successes and mistakes. Putting the course content into actual work situations was very effective to cement the information. I have seen a marked improvement in the professionalism of how work activities, goals and targets are approached. Staff taking more interest in the big picture and understanding how what they do affects the overall goals of the company, department, team and themselves. I have also seen more accountability being taken by individuals for not only what they are doing but also looking outside there own area and helping others by making suggestions, looking at ways to improve and offering actual assistance so everyone can achieve their goals. I have been happy personally with how I have changed my behaviour to focus on HPA’s and delegated other activities to where they belong. I have also stopped doing everything for everybody instead I have encouraged others to completed activity and then I have provided coaching and feedback through reviewing the work and this has lead to those staff becoming much more confident and learning new skills.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Michael Rigby


Course: SSTLS
Name: George Simmonds

Enjoyed watching farm boys grow their skills and understanding. Delegated activities have enabled me to focus more on HPA’s Achieved all personal goals except 1.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Judy Seppanen

I enjoyed the interaction between participants and learnt a lot about how line personal view paperwork and procedures. I use a to do list and keep focussed on HPA. I have recognised my HPA.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Alex Emerick

before taking the course I think I seemed to be the person that would have 100 things running through my mind about what I had to accomplish and I was falling behind rapidly. But when we started going to the course we thought it was a waste of time but as soon as you let you the course work on you, you wake and realise that you can make a change to your work life and your lifestyle by setting goals everyday. I think that’s one of the things that has changed my life I’m now much more easy going with setting goals through the day.

Course: SSTLS
Name: John West

Most goals are ongoing, course has helped focus on these goals and have plans in place. Made me think about more. Most enjoyable aspect of course was watching & hoping farm boys would grow through the course.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Robert Sellin

some more knowledge of our time spent on our hpa’s

Course: SSTLS
Name: Leanne Schultz

Time Management to me has always been very daunting – having no starting point or direction to head in was very frustrating – with direction from the LMA course time management is now not an issue for me at all. I have never been a person to set goals but have not only set smart goals but achieved them. Having this valuable tool has now given me a different outlook with in the company and especially where the cost of my time comes into consideration. One of my goals that I had set was to have time for me just do nothing for 1/2 hour on a Friday night – I now schedule this every week – it takes away some of the stress and allows some down time for me.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Luse Draper

The most enjoyable things about the course were being able to meet all the people and being close to them. People like Stuart. Being able to achieve things and feeling good when you do, despite it being hard. I achieved delegating part of my job which freed me up for the really important parts that only I do the best. The achievements that I and my team did and rewarding them and celebrating together. The goal of passing this course and also the AAO and DAFF course was very important to me.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Neil Heise

I feel that I am a better person for doing the course. I feel I am in control of my goals and a much more organised person