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Course: TSE
Name: Libby Hayes

this course has played a very important role in addressing the importance of the sales process amongst my team. The great thing about this course is that you can apply the practice across everyday work throughout the 9 month process. My greatest achievement and goal throughout this course is the learning that my team and I have learnt. It was my number 1 goal to have the team; all talking and using the tools in selling. This has given us a great advantage in negotiation. This has also brought the team closer together and given them confidence in their ability and talents to strive to greater achievements.

Course: TSE
Name: Simon Wilkins

Personal Achievements from Focus Goals and Win/Win Agreement Goals: Parkers Organic $130,000 Dove $300,000 Ozsales $100,000 Cupcakes Delivered $10,000 Vitality4life $60,000 RediATM Greatest learning’s from Module content, workshop discussions and interaction with the group Objection handling Cascading commitment Securing meetings and follow up actions Win, Win, Win Sales process Changes you have noticed about yourself Confidence in my ability to lead sales meeting Development of a clear sales process Improvement in securing initial meeting Improvement in securing next steps Overall, your most pleasing results – personally and professionally especially those relating to improvements in sales skills. Dove renegotiation RediATM deal Your create tool box (list of tools are attached to this email) High Payoff Activities (HPAs) 1.3 Time Analysis and HPA Summary 3.1 Role Play – Overcoming Objections