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Course: TPE
Name: Lennie Jerliu

dealing with other people from different backgrounds hearing story’s from other people

Course: TPE
Name: Mark Beveridge

I have a different attitude more focused and positive I feel that I have made a significant difference to the company by changing the employment process and key stakeholders have also welcomed the change and feel it has made a positive impact

Course: TPE
Name: Chris King

When I was nominated for the course I had some misgivings due to the increase in my workload as I had just stepped into a new role. However, in summary I found the course at a high level stimulated me with great concepts such as HPA’s and goal setting which I found very helpful. I found the content relevant and of continuing assistance, helping me rather than hampering me. In addition I have passed on these concepts in real terms to my team who have also benefited. As a team wherever possible we analyse every task under a harsh light to ensure we are getting maximum payoff for the time involved.