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Course: HPM
Name: Robert Quagliata

I enjoyed being able to openly express myself in the workshops and have a few laughs. I feel I have become a more rounded leader by: Keeping my team informed on the goals plan/vision, involving them in decisions and getting buy in. Giving my team responsibility and the tools for them to provide me with information so I can make informed decisions. Implementing performance reviews and giving both positive and constructive feedback to team members. By setting up systems to measure performance, analyse, plan and implement change to improve our value cycle. The result of this is that the; The culture has improved; employees are displaying good behaviours and values. Employees are sharing genuine appreciation to each other. More tasks are being completed and outstanding performances are seen more regularly. Employees are taking control by not supporting bad behaviours and letting us know when other employees are breaking the rules instead of ignoring it. There were many goals achieved but a common goal that came up through the course that I achieved is being a better communicator. I am more patient when listening to others and I ma more focused on giving people goals and a vision when communicating.

Course: TPE
Name: Terry Jansen

The interaction between participants and facilitator were excellent. The learning process was at first a little daunting but it soon became enjoyable and challenging. Using imperative/important task lists and written goals are the most measureable results for me. It has helped me to identify and focus on my HPA’s.

Course: TPE
Name: Jayson Howell

The performance edge has been a brilliant course. One of the best I have done in terms of personal and professional improvement. Workshops were a pleasure to attend as the facilitator as well as other participants were all very willing to share ideas and experiences. I have achieved great success in becoming much more effective in my professional role through greatly improved delegation and time management which has made significant cost savings to the company. On a personal level I have also made a lot of progress on personal/home project goals through the fundamental goal setting concept.

Course: TPE
Name: Greg Healy

This course has clearly demonstrated the need for goals and effective time management which has been extremely beneficial to me in my role. The course was really quite enjoyable and each weekly workshop brought a new experience which I was able to use in my role and at home

Course: TPE
Name: Peter Coram

Overall the course was great I gathered a lot of new tools that I use each and everyday that help me fore fill my working requirements and I what I have learnt has also had an impact on my personal life, most importantly the quality time that I spent with my family.

Course: TPE
Name: Kelly Brett

Through the completion of this course I have learnt valuable tools to help me manage my time more efficiently – I am able to focus more and complete more in the same amount of time that I once would have completed less. I have learnt the importance of focus goals and the just get started attitude. I have learnt the value of time in real dollars to my workplace and to me. Using focus goals has really helped me get through the tasks that had to be completed when my ex-partner and I broke up – focus and what needs to be done in discreet events set time frames and get it done. Focus goals have also helped with work also.

Course: TPE
Name: Col Atkinson

Very practical course. A real eye opener. Goal setting created a positive response and a lot of enthusiasm. The reality checks came in the following sessions on time management, communication and team building through empowering people via delegation. I achieved about 60% of my win – win goals including getting 4 SWP’s beyond draft stage. My organisation of my staff, jobs and materials has improved. My communication has also improved through the use of things like the NEAT meeting planner and the Imperative/Important list – both of which I now use daily.