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Course: COL
Name: Jacki Tomlinson

The way the course was delivered was very beneficial, i.e. having 4 hour blocks every two weeks rather than all in one block. I wasn’t as good at my goal setting as I perhaps could have been, but I was able to complete a lot of things I probably wouldn’t have without doing the course

Course: COL
Name: Benjamin Appleby

I found great benefit in the class room, it was good to hear of other peoples experience and knowledge. The course has definitely given me greater confidence and direction with my life. Throughout this course I believe that I have played an important role in developing all three of my new team members. They are now operating at a high level and we as a team have earned respect within the organisation.

Course: COL
Name: Matthew (Matt) Hanlon

the part I enjoyed the most and totally throughout the course was each fortnights workshops. They were of a very open and honest manor and I actually got more out of these workshops than I ever would have imagined. I think that was due to John and also the contribution from fellow students