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Course: COL
Name: Garry Jeffs

The most enjoyable part of the course for me was the time spent on Tuesdays with the rest of the class. The ideas and feedback from the other participants was great. The workplace project was a great way to identify issues within the business and how to fix the problems and implement action steps to improve productivity. I have become more confident dealing with staff members and clients .

Course: TPE
Name: Amy O’Keeffe

Completing this course has allowed me to become a lot more confident in my own work abilities as I have found my strengths. I have become much more efficient in completing tasks, and starting new jobs. I have also developed new ways to organise my daily tasks so I am focusing on my HPAs instead of other jobs that are given to me by other staff. I have done this by creating a daily task list, which was one of my Win Win goals. This has been extremely successful, as my days are running much better than before.