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Course: COL
Name: Adam Coombe

My work place project has been the best result. I also now have better feeling about being a leader within my organisation. More in control of situations that arise and how to deal with them successfully.

Course: COL
Name: Matt Spencer

I really enjoyed hearing the other participants stories from their workplace. Meeting new people and gaining confidence in a work based environment. It was good to get the positive energy from the facilitator and use that to your advantage.

Course: HPM
Name: Simon Hammersley

The course was very informative and provided great background for many systems and processes that exist in my organisation but for which I have not previously understood the reasoning. Now having a greater understanding of the management principles involved in our organisation will help me work more efficiently within that framework moving forward. The format of the course which is weighted towards student participation was a fantastic way to learn from others experience and broaden my knowledge on a range of topics for which I have not previously been exposed. I have enjoyed the personal growth of other members within the group also, as the improvement for some in areas such as public speaking / confidence was enormous.