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Course: HPM
Name: Shane Sleightholm

I enjoyed the course very much but had some set backs in the middle when my boss asked me to go back to my old ways to overcome a few issues.

Course: HPM
Name: Adrian Kinghorn

Doing the course with a diverse group of people was of great value and I enjoyed everyone’s input. It was good to bring my focus back on to goal setting and really thinking about how we plan and prepare to achieve them. I only wish I had a larger department / more people to practice on during the course!

Course: SSTLS
Name: Hardik Patel

I have been achieve lots of thing from this course like set Smart goals, Focus goals also use different useful tools which really save time daily time. Spend more time on my HPAs and become more valuable for my company. Also my biggest achievement is My Win Win goal.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Ashley Tandy

over the course I watched some of my apprentices grow and accept new challenges and achieve the goals I set them. over the course I learnt a lot about communication and the importance of communication, since this course my communication skills have become a lot better and I can deal with people a lot better. I find I also put more trust into other people and find it easier to give them responsibilities.