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Course: LMR
Name: Anne Dawson

The group of people on the course with me were from a variety of backgrounds and workplaces and so brought a variety of experiences, attitudes and values to the workshops. I thought we all clicked and worked together very well. As a result of participating in the course I have experienced a huge lift in my levels of confidence and ability to communicate with all levels within the organisation; I have greater insight about how I operate and what works for me. The tools that come with the course are very useful day-to-day. Most importantly, the insistence that they be used at least once in the workplace provided real experience with them and will ensure that they remain useful long after the course has finished. Goals and Achievements: Processes and procedures recorded and shared with the team; Debtor Days reduced from 50+ to approximately 30; improved time management with much greater focus on my high payoff activities; I’m being taken seriously as a leader within the organisation and have been offered a new role with greater responsibilities; I have stopped smoking and have improved my sleeping and eating habits .

Course: SSTLS
Name: Gayleen Schrider

Enjoyable was the interaction of the other course participants- diverse characters, however course content was applicable to all in similar ways. Tracy is a very good facilitator- forthright with sense of humour! Good accomplishments for me include the much better relationship I now have with mentor/manager, a lot of tools for managing the team better, the identification of areas where I can improve , and many focus goals achieved. Less success achieved on the win/win goals, however I can continue to work on redefined win/wins by myself . There has also been some acknowledgement of, and resolution to, one particular area of staff management difficulty for menthe course reaffirmed that planning has become a more critical part of my role – planning for work resources, for communications, time, etc. Listening has become more important, and also supporting staff through changes.