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Course: TPE
Name: Paul Richardson

Interactive and engaging course, well run by experienced and motivated LMA staff. Benefits included – Focus on achieving HPAs to better achieve objectives of department, team and self. Self analysis of role and work/life balance Team development and growth Time and productivity improvements Creation of a learning environment

Course: TPE
Name: Lucinda Kraft

This is the only training course I have participated in that actually assists you in achieving goals to develop areas you have clearly defined as requiring improvement. This has meant that I have been able to actively improve in my workplace and personal performance, resulting in a higher level of productivity and greater understanding of what achievement actually means.

Course: TPE
Name: Alexandra Wasiewicz

I enjoyed the interaction during classes that helped to make the modules relevant. Focussing on my HPA’s and making the time to ensure adequate time is spent achieving them. Isolating myself and allocating time to complete key projects in a timely manner- achieving deadlines. Learnt that perfection is in the eye of the beholder- expecting that something being good enough has freed up my time to focus on other key projects. Working with my manager to align our department goals with my own.

Course: TPE
Name: Simon Kilgour