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Course: HPM
Name: Chris Gegoff

I enjoyed the close interaction of the other participants in this course, their knowledge and values and different aspects to their ideas and problem solving they apply to their colleagues and employees. The results were the completion the change project producing standard operation procedures for working drawings, variations and sketches for the department to use. My goals which I have accomplished provided an additional drafting supervisor to look after the Domain Homes Division, hold daily meetings with supervisors to discuss weekly work format has been completed and providing a training program to get draftsperson on Archicad.

Course: LMR
Name: Mark Gillott

I have set up process to measure performance through allocating times for all jobs I work everyday from a imperative/important list I have established a process for completing all of our S.O.P.s

Course: SSTLS
Name: Gabriel Federico

out the whole I course the most enjoyable / refreshing part of it was knowing that other business have the same issues that I face in my role. I enjoyed the group discussions as it gave me more of an insight to how other team leaders handle their situations, also Clint was a very good course facilitator as he got people / myself to open up and think about their answers

Course: TPE
Name: Albert Federico

I really enjoyed learning about time management, it helped me with not wasting time on non high paid activities

Course: TPE
Name: Daniel King

I think the overall course was quite enjoyable and I was able to learn a number of principles which I have put into affect straight away (as I was learning them). I think it will be ongoing and I look forward to revising the information and continuing to better myself in every facet of my life.