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Course: COL
Name: Tiffany Roberts

This course has enabled me to improve my communication skills and increased my confidence greatly. It encourages the involvement and improvement of communication within the team, making us stronger and more productive. It has given me some valuable tools to use to enable the success of tasks, projects and goals. And some valuable lessons to pass onto my team. I learned the importance of delegating tasks, effective time management and commitment to making positive changes in the work place. My Workplace Project has had a greater, positive effect on more people than I first anticipated and this is very satisfying. Jon is great, very friendly and also funny. He made me feel comfortable and never pressured at all. He is very good at communicating. Thanks Jon.

Course: COL
Name: Natalie Smith

The most valuable thing that I learned for LMA is the importance of planning and communication. I found the idea of people learning at different rates due to their different personality traits very interesting and informative.

Course: COL
Name: Stacey Willis

I am now a better manager in many aspects. I have saved time of myself and all my team members. I am now using different tools and forms and planning my time. This has made the organisation more profitable.

Course: COL
Name: Trecia Lee

I enjoyed learning the different tools and ways to deal with people and constant improvement in work quality. Increased in productivity and focusing on HPAs. Goal: To be the pharmacy people come for health check ups and promos – we won the Terry White Chemists Award for WA.

Course: COL
Name: Gail Young

I have learnt how to set Win Win Goals and Focus Goals and also working through my Workplace Project has helped me to prepare other projects at work and at home. Completing my workplace project was very satisfying. I also enjoyed the workshops every fortnight, the discussions in the workshop were very informative and our facilitator John was very motivating. This course has also taught me effective time management skills and also not to be afraid to delegate tasks. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone in a management role and staff in any organisation. :)

Course: COL
Name: Lai Yin Cheah

Open discussion and opportunity to share of experience with fellow colleagues; indirectly promote team building Also this course made me think outside the box Efficiency can be measured through better time management and increase profits Accomplish personal and business goals

Course: COL

The most enjoyable aspect of the course is to be able to interact with my fellow team members/colleagues. We were given a chance to work together as a team whether in discussing assignments, projects and resolving/completing activities during workshop. By undergoing this course it has allow me to think outside the box and have a bigger picture in whatever situation I am being put at. I managed to achieve my personal goal and work place goals (which some are still on going at work place)

Course: COL
Name: Saul Sacht

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire course. Each module was very different but often very linked. The ideas of a particular modules often reflected in the understanding of another module. I accomplished a workplace project that is still in operation and will continue to be. The outcome of this project can be measured monthly and the dollar results can be compared either monthly or in time annually. I think LMA had made me into a better leader and a far more improved asset to the business.