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Course: TPE
Name: Ben Fitszimmons

I really enjoyed the class interaction with Michael and the group, its a good opportunity to share experiences and ideas from people from a wide range of industries. I was able to accomplish a few goals but more importantly the course has given me the extra tools to assist with goal setting in the future.

Course: TPE
Name: Rob Clowes

It was great to speak to other people from different environments and jobs roles. Listen to there experiences what they go through how they dealt with and how best to achieve results. My goals have defiantly been at the forefront of my focus and how I have structured myself is somewhere I thought I would never get to… The best way to put this is… If I don’t use what I learned I feel like I am cheating myself, I will sometimes think I can take a short cut but I sit back and say, lets do this properly… I push myself to do things correct. As I said I want to be someone reliable and someone that people can trust.

Course: TPE
Name: Ryan Crumlish

The course from start to finish has been an enjoyable experience. The group in which I was placed is from a diverse background which definitely added to group discussions and opinions. The course facilitator Coreen was an excellent teacher. The class was never dull and the practical workshops we participated in were engaging and relevant. My course mentor Paul, has been through several LMA courses, so he was a wealth of knowledge and extremely helpful to bounce idea’s off. My course coach Rachel was always in contact, (even when I wasn’t) to offer support and advice and set up meetings. She was an excellent point of reference. There were many things I took away from the course which I will apply to my day to day work and personal life. The biggest win for me was the structure I now have in my day. Using a daily task list and modifying it with an import and imperative list, allows me to focus the majority of my time on my HPA’s which were identified. This is a constantly evolving tool which I will continue to modify to suit my day to day needs. The goal setting exercises and actions steps have been really helpful in actually achieving things in my life again. I enjoy now ticking off wins and action steps along the way on most things I do. I could go on about a million things but I think I covered most in my presentations previously.

Course: TPE
Name: Leanne Stone

I took many, many things from the course that had measurable results but the major change I felt in myself and that I believe others noticed was my improved attitude/positivity. This has helped me to achieve a better standing with my co-workers and managers. This has also allowed me other opportunities including the opportunity to informally lead and guide others.