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Course: COL
Name: Shane Jarvis

I gained a lot of motivation from the face to face workshops each month. Where there were times that I could not attend within a month, I found it difficult or left behind, then a struggle to get motivated to catch up again. I have found myself able to set goals and achieve them, better time manage, tidy up my email inbox, provide a positive work environment and help others when they are not performing well. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and have recommended the course for others to partake in. look forward to future learning with LMA.

Course: COL
Name: Craig Nolan

Group discussions with involvement from supervisors at different levels was beneficial during case studies with different perceptions and solutions offered. Comparing results from the tools utilised with each groups team. I found the planning phases when setting goals was of great use in structuring goals for accomplishment.

Course: COL
Name: Lance McHugh

What I got most out of the course was listening to the ideas of the other participants which were very good and I learnt a lot off them. I learnt that goal setting is a priority to achievement By doing this course it has highlighted to me that if you sit still you soon begin to stagnate you need to challenge yourself and your team

Course: COL
Name: Stewart Dundas

1. networking with other like-minded people on same level from different organisation. 2.win-win goals completed. 3.improved vocab- revisit leadership values previously obtained

Course: SSTLS
Name: Warren Buckley

Achieved all my win win goals Positive results at work and family level