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Course: HPM
Name: Paul Evans

Having been involved with State and Territory government employment for my work life and involved in a closed shop industrial work environments, exposure to members from a private industry perspective provided an insight for me. The environment I work in was extremely foreign to members of the course team from private industry and in fact one believes I may have embellished my work environment for the course and can not believe a closed industrial shop which has tight constraints for managers exist. Taking in to consideration the changed government now exercising a business like approach to government the lessons learnt from the other course members from the private sector and the focus of the course in general places me in a better position to develop and grow further in the government sector The completion of my work place project and the difficult paths that had to be negotiated was extremely beneficial. The use of the tools assisted in travelling through this unchartered waterway to achieve the end product. Much work is still required to bring my station managers to the point where we are comfortable in their level of management and taking responsibility for their stations. However, the progress of positive work teams keeps providing the courage to maintaining the journey. The assistance of the course material and tools assists with this journey