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Course: TSE
Name: Maximilian Masseni

The main reason for attending the course was to learn new skills and methods which would help me in becoming a better sales rep and thus give me the sales edge over my competitors. The LMA course has helped me in many areas. Firstly in setting clearly defined goals. Next in organising appointments. Next, the way to conduct meetings with customers and prospects. Also how to deal with stalls and rejections. And last how to maintain the momentum for ongoing business. Another area which was also extremely critical to my success was time management. I was wasting too much precious time on low pay-off activities. Now I’m delegating nearly all of my sales to the internal sales team. If they aren’t sure on how to complete a task then I teach them the steps. This will give me more time to focus on my high pay-off activities and the other guys in the team benefit because they’re learning new skills too. My boss has seen some early improvements in just the last few months with new accounts and business. He’s just awarded me a small pay increase having seen the effort I put in and the immediate results. Thank you LMA.