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Course: COL
Name: Ian Cattell

The LMA course provided me a focused approach to my role and transition to a departmental leader in the conveyor team. I achieved my core objectives in delegating key technical functions to the Engineering Services team through strategic training, site visits and this allows more focus time on my High Payoff activities. The completion of my project allowed a focused knowledge sharing and through implementation of a Technical Forum within our business, we have a higher skilled team capable of servicing the needs of our clients with higher competency. The selection of my Win Win goal address the core objectives of the department and the business in a structured approach. I had an enjoyable experience and most successful is implementation of SMART goals relating to the personal goals and business goals. The measurable results is a training package relating to the core knowledge which we are now rolling out to other divisions in the business.

Course: COL
Name: Phill Broadhurst

The course is challenging but enjoyable and it is a positive when what has happened in the workplace directly correlates with a module in the course and gives you the guidance and necessary tools to create a positive out come. The workplace project had been on the back burner for a few months but as I identified this as a project this gave the impetus to carry out the project which has now come to a successful outcome and will save the company a min of 1200 hours PA.

Course: COL
Name: Warren Nugent

I enjoyed listening to other professionals in the class along with Yvonne speak about experiences and the way they overcome issues etc. I enjoyed the classroom environment. During the duration of the course within my workplace, a lot of change took place ( continual improvement ). By completing the course it helped me understand why the changes needed to take place and also how to champion some of those changes myself. Completing the workplace project was quite beneficial to me personally and also to my organisation. I learnt so much through that process. I also created my first PowerPoint and stood up in front of the class and delivered a outline of my current learnings etc. which was quite empowering.

Course: HPM
Name: Greg Palin

Most rewarding – Development team and their enthusiasm to the LMA content. Great management tools – e.g.: Feedback logs Understanding the importance of setting goals, especially personal goals. Enjoyed facilitators especially Bill with his wealth of experience and thought provoking statements about position responsibilities and acceptance of…

Course: SSTLS
Name: Tim Eden

I found the course enjoyable, and with people outside my industry, it was good to found out alternative ways in which our tasked were completed and what tools they used also. Going through our Best ideas, was great to hear how different, and yet how similar we are working. I would have to say my favourite part of the course was the case study presentation, where we had to work in groups and give a presentation on what our groups came up with.

Course: TSE
Name: Katherine Reid

The most enjoyable part of the course for me was the sense of satisfaction after I had completed the sales plan presentation. The group discussions at the workshops on what was the stand out topic from each module and then presenting the ideas was also enjoyable. Goals achieved – completed my win/win agreement goals. Felt my business goal had real merit and transcended the whole organisation. Personal goals have been documented at home and hubby and I are working together to achieve them. Our latest goal was to visit China, Malaysia and Hong Kong. If we had not committed to the holiday and wrote down the steps to get there (visas, money, research metro rail system etc.) it would still just be on the ‘wish list’.