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Course: COL
Name: Angela Thornley

Group activities were enjoyable. Setting personal goals was very rewarding for my daughters and myself. Finding work personal life balance by setting focus goals. Setting business goals helped me in a new role that I was finding extremely challenging. Learning skills to assist in Managing different people and communication skills to deal with different communication styles has assisted me in speaking up more and becoming more assertive and direct in my communications and getting my opinion across and noticed. By looking honestly at myself I have become a better manager by focusing on my strengths and developing skills to adjust my weaknesses.

Course: LMR
Name: Brendan Lock

I believe that this course has helped me a lot with my communication with employees and other supervisors and managers, my ability to implement processes and procedures outlined by the management team, I’m still working on my time management but it has come along way from where it was as well as my delegation issues where I used to just do it myself I now use my team to do some of the tasks as it helps with their motivation and added responsibility and I can focus on my HPA`s and helping do more with the team at other times.

Course: LMR
Name: Ben Black

learning to give positive and negative feed back, Win/Win Goals I have developed new processes which add valve to my role