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Course: TPE
Name: Michael Fiteni

Picked up a number of key tools that are practical and not difficult to implement with practice that can lead to significant performance improvement for myself and my team

Course: TPE
Name: Ray Jenke

This course has allowed me to tap into skills I never had, I have learnt to delegate tasks that don’t need to be done by me, I have been able to manage my time a lot better clawing back 3 – 4 hours per week, the HPA’s are a brilliant idea, this has really helped me to focus on the important tasks. Every module had take always, and each module had many learning outcomes that really assisted me in my win win goals and how to relate this to my workplace Well done to the course organisers

Course: TPE
Name: Gina Stanford

Most enjoyable aspects of the course are all of the tools that were provided to me to learn i.e. the DVD’s and the folder with all the written material. One of my main win win goal was to have a project plan written out and documented with all projects that were to affect IT in the next coming months. I have achieved this and continued to maintain this as there will always be add moves and changes to the projects that affect IT. But in turn it has assisted me to become more organized and feel like I have control on what is going on within the department.

Course: TSE
Name: Jamie Pulcini

Mike, the other students and the workshops were all enjoyable and great to work with….. I didn’t miss a session… As far as results, I cant pinpoint a specific scenario that I can attribute to this course, but what I can say that I am very pleased about is that since commencing this course in April, my sales figures have increased significantly each month and all new accounts I have secured to date still trade regularly, despite having a few hiccups along the way.