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Course: COL
Name: Jared Starr

I really enjoyed the HPA section of the course.

Course: LMR
Name: Marc Griffin

The most measurable result for me doing this course, was about my self the way I treated my team and the way I spoke to them with the changes I have made since starting this course has change the way I deal with my team, and the out come as been very impressive. With the extra comment from my team and the respect we now have. It has increased our productivity and jobs are running so much smoother now, and I trust my team a lot more and have been able to delegate more jobs to them with me not being there to supervise them. My best goal accomplished was employing a site foreman to run jobs on site for me. This has allowed me to spend more time in other parts of the business knowing that I have someone on site who is in charge of my team.