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Course: HPM
Name: Rod Signal

I will have completed my Succession plan goal. I am a more positive leader with a better understanding of the need to develop and train our workforce I also understand the importance of monitoring and measuring performance I have the ability to set and achieve Focus goals and also set SMART goals Further to all this, I have realised the importance of working on the business as well as in the business.

Course: HPM
Name: Wayne McLean

By identifying what my high performance activities are with my role, allowed me to focus more and save time. Also nominating short term focus goals was also very helpful. Developing and improving communication methods to our onsite teams was a major achievement. We did this by onsite toolbox meetings, site specific folders for each project and one on one meetings with our onsite employees. The improvements in onsite productivity and efficiency is of major benefit to our organisation. Also a major achievement was implementing the full PPE standard on all our construction projects. The will be a strong plank in the ongoing future of our organisation.