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Course: SSTLS
Name: Christina Mavroulis

The most enjoyable aspects of the course where group discussions and activities/role plays. Listening to other course participants ideas, methods of application and achievements inspired me. The best thing about the course is that it is committed to developing your skills, mind set and workplace habits that benefit myself, my team and the company. Win Win Goals Achieved: 1. Throughout the course I identified Low Payoff Activities that were occurring on a daily basis and successfully delegated tasks to team members for less cost and more so for their development. As a result my time utilisation has improved and allowed me to focus on bigger and better projects that have further developed my skills. 2. I reduced the cost of retention for archiving files by $ 20,000.00 p/year by strong negotiations with 2 existing suppliers and 1 new supplier. I reduced the suppliers to one by negotiating a national price. 3. Through continuous training, challenging members and creating a new procedure to seek alternative airfares and carriers, we reduced the overall cost of travel and fees when booking online. My best achievement throughout the course is that I have developed the skills and knowledge of my team members and now they are more confident, happy to be at work, our relationship and communication is better than it has ever been and most of all they are showing initiative and coming to me with solutions opposed to problems.

Course: TPE
Name: Sachin Anand

1) Learn about Empowerment 2 ) effective Delegation Process 3) Effective communication within the team and outside 4) prioritising my day to day task with important/imperative list 5) Use of management tools like discussion planner, meeting planner, etc. 6) Becoming good listener.

Course: TSE
Name: Sultan Kabir

Enjoyable aspects was to getting to know more about myself and understand the type of personality I’m. Measurable results include increasing my appointment rates, getting over the objections from customers in regards to meetings. Able to phrase it correctly in order to track the discussions an hold control of the discussion. My goals including identifying my dormant accounts and key accounts and trying to understand their buying patterns and reason behind our success and failure with them.

Course: TSE
Name: Alfredo Rodriguez

I enjoyed goal setting and time management. To great importance was realizing that every enquiry as a source of future information and wealth. Changes in my personal behaviour are: If it is logical, it would work Nothing is impossible Fun is part of life and time should be allocated for it Ying-Yan Balance life to be at peace

Course: TSE
Name: George Duffy

Great to know I’m using the correct sales skills and the importance of planning and keeping site of sales just not problem solving.

Course: TSE
Name: John Trueman

Coreen is an excellent presenter, enjoyed our discussions