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Course: TPE
Name: Jay Verrico

The best part of the course, for me, was the participation in the workshops, the ability to brainstorm and network with other people who were at varying levels of career development gave me access to varied and diverse opinions and approaches to a more productive workplace. Since undertaking the course I have achieved a greater focus on results both within the workplace and personally. I have recruited support in the workplace and put in place systems I have been trying to finalise for some time. Moreover than anything else I have looked at my own direction and career path making decisions to pursue a happy and rewarding direction making commitments to upskill and carve a new career path in time.

Course: TPE
Name: Rose Constance

Win Win Goals were very beneficial as gave you clarity on what you are looking to achieve Focus Goals – are excellent as are an excellent way to achieving your win win goals by breaking them down Imperative/Important & Discussion Planner – I am trying to utilise these as I believe they will be very beneficial to me Goal Setting – made easy by breaking it down on Goal sheet form Loved having all those templates to choose from. I have not used them all know but have downloaded them to use while I hopefully continue working on LMA

Course: TPE
Name: Darren Hewitt

I really enjoyed having access to the templates. Also meeting people from all different industries and learning how they deal with similar challenges .

Course: TPE
Name: Steve Burden

I honestly appreciated this course! I’m becoming more effective and efficient in many areas (of both professional and personal pursuits), with every opportunity to apply the skills learned at LMA’s ‘The Performance Edge’… I’ve rarely been so productive, as when I’m driven by S.M.A.R.T goals, intelligently documented agendas and the accountability that comes from involving my whole team in the growth of my company. Articulating and structuring a previously loose job description, to something more deliberate and purpose driven, is helping me refine exactly where I want to take my company’s ultimate direction – and within a few short months, has netted significant and tangible benefits for my staff, myself and my clients. The difference that just a few strategies has made to my work/life balance has also been noticed by friends, family and colleagues alike. Thanks for a flexible, sensible and very helpful learning experience. I will certainly be interested in further educational offerings with LMA.

Course: TPE
Name: Emma Somerville

I enjoyed modules on personalities – colour cards; communication and team development and adding to that empowerment. My goals become more of a working progress and how I go about achieving them really became more important to me than actually achieving them. Like planning and tracking etc. I don’t think I was very good at the focus goals, perhaps some extra push on these would have been good like someone making us more accountable to setting them and working on them. however in saying that I think I can now incorporate focus goals into my weeks in general and in planning week to week.

Course: TPE
Name: Linda Schlencker

The best part of the course is the “putting in into action” with the weekly assignments. I found many of the tools LMA provided very relevant and useful to use to change habits.

Course: TPE
Name: Carol Sullivan

I was in a little bit of a slump when I stared the course. The positive energy and enthusiasm encouraged me to focus on my business goals and helped me put steps into place so that could achieve them. Some of goals I have achieved but a couple are still on going but through my action steps I know I am going to get there. This course helped me to get more organised and to procrastinate less.