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Course: MHP
Name: Caroline Cuddihy


Course: MHP
Name: Anthony Mathew

The Workplace Project Planning tool was very useful. Project Management is an area that requires improvement amongst the Leadership Team. Utilising this tool I was able to scope out a work based project in a formal and systematic way for at least three human resources projects. The interaction between members of the Leadership Team was valuable. I think we all learnt a lot about each other during the process

Course: MHP
Name: Mike Churchman

There is masses of information available currently on business and maximising ones potential. The opportunity lies not with the content but with the time taken to absorb the information and to really understand how it can be helpful to oneself. The content was varied and eternally relevant and there were various chunks in it that have been useful both as new concepts and as timely reminders of old concepts.

Course: TPE
Name: Mark Clayton

1. The structure and pace of the course suited my workload and personal life style. 2. The philosophical basis for LMA is excellent and reflects best practice in the change management literature. 3. The course has helped me refocus on my role and my place within the business. Working “on” the business is far more productive for a senior manager than constantly working “in” the business. 4. The course has also helped me better understand why I di not have an effective work-life balance and has assisted me to change this. 5. LMA drills the power of planning, of setting goals and actions is key to achieving success. 6. I have achieved 4 of my 6 HPA’s and will complete the remaining 2 HPA’s on or close other due dates. 7. I really enjoyed the camaraderie of the LMW group and workshop. Such a diverse group of people who in a short space of time were able to generate effective and positive relationships with each other.

Course: TPE
Name: Marisa Chilcott

The course have been wonderful for me and came at a good time as we needed to prepare our budget for next year and produce a plan. Therefore, I could take time to set goals and break them down to develop a plan. This has taken time but I now feel less stressed as we have clear goals and a plan of how to achieve them. I have also thought through the audience and prepared the plan to best communicate with them. I hope this will mean the plan is accepted better. My team also knows exactly what needs to be achieved and they are on track and look more relaxed.